The team that won the 50-over match in 4 overs. This team
The team that won the 50-over match in 4 overs. This team

The team that won the 50-over match in 4 overs. This team set an impossible record

One-day cricket is 50 overs. In this, each team has to play 50 overs. This rule applies to all teams in one day cricket, but today we are going to tell you about a strange match in which a 50-over match is done by a team in just 4 overs. Won. This team performed brilliantly, ending the 50-over match in 4 overs. The name of the team doing so is Sri Lanka.

This was in 2001 when the match between Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe was going on. Zimbabwe’s team landed on the field to bat first. The Zimbabwean team started batting but none of the batsmen, except one batsman, crossed the double-digit mark. Zimbabwean bats were shattered like cards. No Zimbabwean batsman could survive on the field. So could not make a big score on Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe’s team scored only 38 runs and were all out for 38 runs.

For Sri Lanka, Chamunda Bass took 8 wickets for 19 runs in 8 overs. Also Muttiah Muralitharan bowled 4 balls in which he took two wickets. So the Sri Lankan bowlers returned the pavilion to the Zimbabwe team quickly bowling very well. . Now it is the turn to bat Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan batting also started the women fast and gave victory to the Sri Lankan team in only 4 overs. Sri Lanka’s score was 1 wicket for 38 runs. Zimbabwe’s team managed to drop only one wicket from Sri Lanka. And Sri Lanka had won only 4 overs while batting fast. Sri Lanka had made a history in 20 matches. Sri Lanka had become the team to win in the fewest overs. Sri Lanka still holds this record and no team has broken the school yet.

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