The only country in the world where Corona did not reach, dictator's
The only country in the world where Corona did not reach, dictator's

The only country in the world where Corona did not reach, dictator’s decree – see if any person from China shoot

Corona has created terror in the world. So far this virus has caught millions of people and has also taken millions of lives. Now North Korea is the only country in the world claiming that Corona has not reached there. That is, not a single corona patient has been found in this country yet. Several months ago an infected was also found in this country, but then he was shot for walking outside. Now as the corona infection is increasing in the world, so too is this country taking precedence. Many hospitals have been constructed in this country so that the infected can be treated. But currently there is no case of infection in this secret country. At the same time, the country’s dictator has instructed to shoot any person from China as soon as they see near the border.


North Korea has been in discussion for some time. This country is in the news because of the news of the death of the dictator here. But suddenly the dictator came in front and shocked everyone. Now this country has made an important announcement regarding Corona.

Here the soldiers have been ordered to shoot anyone near the border of China and the country, if they see any unknown. This order will come into effect from 3 September. According to the RFA report, even if someone has an excuse to stay near the border, they can still shoot him.


Corona outbreak in China is at its peak. In such a situation, it has been ordered to shoot anyone from China on the border. The dictator Kim Jong-un has given this order to keep Corona free from the country.

North Korea is still claiming that Corona has not arrived in its country. But many countries say that the dictator is lying. This country hides things inside itself. This is so that outsiders cannot take advantage of it.


There is also a restriction on media in North Korea. In such a situation, the correct detail inside cannot come out. Only one case of corona infection was reported from North Korea where he was killed.

At the same time, in this country the dictator was seen near the construction of a hospital. With this it was said that this country is preparing to fight any future loss from Corona.

Let me tell you that some time ago the country’s dictator had surgery. After this, rumors emerged that the dictator also got corona and died. Then it came to light that he was in a coma.

But suddenly Kim Jong was seen inaugurating the factory at an event in the country. Many people described him as a dictator. But no one knew the reality. The rules are very strict in North Korea but many smugglers from China come and do business here. In such a situation, if the smuggler does not bring the corona with him, it has been instructed to shoot at the sight.

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