The body gets many astounding benefits of mastering, it also reduces weight.


One of the advantages of doing masterbation is that you can reduce your weight by doing it or easily. The question comes in the minds of many such people, whether masterbation also benefits as much as sex.

Let us tell you that according to a recent research, 101 kilo calories are burnt in men of strength and 69.1 kilo calories in women. Which is according to the exercise done for about half an hour. If you stop 101 kcal during inter course then the calories during masterbation will be much less because it does not contain much physical.

It is also very important to have a work movement to stop calories. What is not possible at the time of masterbation, even in climax, the hard rate is not high enough to burn your calories easily. But after this the same question comes to mind that if it does not reduce calories, is it not good for our health. Let me tell you that this does not happen, masterbation increases the amount of iodine in the body. Which works to make you happy. Therefore these hormones are also called Happy Humans.

By the way, most of the palmathon are associated with men. But this is not true. It is not that women do not perform masturbation. You might have noticed that women who do most of the work. Those women reach for relief through masturbation.


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